iWait for iWatch

Jun 26, 2015 02.29PM |

by Shawn Danker and Arin Fong

The new iWatch, known officially as the Apple Watch, has come to our stores and in true Singaporean fashion, the queues began as early as 1am this morning.

And they were still going this afternoon. Judging by the last of a snaking queue outside Nubox Tampines Mall, however, the wait didn’t take too long. One buyer, TJ, got in line at 1pm, broke through the entrance and emerged victorious with his $598 purchase – in less than an hour. 

Inside the shop, it was all laser focus and no mucking about. Staff told TMG that the store has been turning away customers who wanted to buy other products.

Until 3pm, this shop was only and all about The Watch.

It almost seemed it wasn’t going to happen. Singapore’s Apple fans have been waiting for this anticipated gadget since it was made available to the rest of the world since April 24.

The delay in its launch here was said to be linked to William Leong, the managing director of Leong Poh Kee, a regional distributor of luxury timepieces based in Singapore. He claimed to own the “Apple Watch” trademark in Switzerland.

The 30-year trademark expires this December, but it looks like Apple has found a way through the legal tangle.

This is Apple’s first smartwatch and its functions include a fitness tracker with a built-in pedometer, accelerometer, and heart rate sensors. It also lets users receive notifications and acts as a digital wallet.



Featured photo by Shawn Danker.

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