Morning Call July 5 2015

Jul 05, 2015 08.40AM |

THE best thing you could do this Sunday morning is take a stroll in the newest UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Singapore Botanic Gardens. The 156-year old gardens was voted in and becomes Singapore’s first such site, and is one of only three gardens in the world on this UNESCO list. The team behind the bid (and indeed all the garden’s staff) reaped the produce of a five-year campaign. The only worry now is how to manage the surge in crowd that is sure to come with the gardens’ new-found fame.

One more site that has seen crowding problems recently is Kampong Glam, which has some 50-60 beggars, mostly foreign, descending on it during the Ramadan season. It is estimated that each of these beggars can collect some $150 a day by going from shop to shop or by begging on the street. Disabled beggars make even more.

Something else left begging (for answers, that is) is the WSJ report saying that US$700 million had gone into Mr Najib’s accounts from three 1MDB-linked companies. Malaysian authorities have raided the three companies and are investigating. Mr Najib defended himself by saying that he never received anything for “personal gain” but stopped short of denying the report and has yet to sue the WSJ, which is standing by its article. If all this is false or misleading, Mr Najib should sue, since the news has already taken a significant effect on his party and on his political standing.

And it is just the political standing of the parties in Singapore that ST has gone in-depth on today, with no less than four pages dedicated to analysis and predictions for the much-expected general elections. A hint at an election coming really soon, it seems. Dr Ng Eng Hen described the PAP’s relationship with the electorate as that of an old married couple that takes each other for granted. Hrmph. The party’s most visible presence in opposition-held Aljunied is comprised of new faces, and Dr Ng indicated that the PAP would not risk someone with ministerial potential on such a risky GRC.

On the other hand, it seems that opposition parties aren’t bothering to avoid multi-cornered fights. Punggol East was won by WP despite four candidates fighting over it, but does this apply everywhere else?

Former WP Secretary Danny Loh died from a fall in Japan at age 55. He was also the Managing Director of FM Solutions and Services, and managed the WP Town Council. Our condolences to the family.



Featured image by Shawn Danker.

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