Amos Yee did WHAT?!

Jul 09, 2015 03.00PM |

by Abraham Lee

CAN you believe it? Not more than four months ago, Amos Yee mocked Christianity, took the mickey out of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and now he’s responsible for Tuesday’s MRT incident?

Just connect the dots – Amos was released on Monday with a scowl on his face, looking like an absolute train wreck, and the worst SMRT breakdown in history happens the very next day? It sure looks suspicious…

It’s like he read our minds! Yesterday, Amos admitted that he was “fully responsible for the breakdown of the MRT tracks“. How so? Because the judiciary’s decision to let him free, instead of stoning him or banishing him to “eternal damnation”, provoked God’s wrath, resulting in the MRT service disruption, a divine intervention. Amazing!

Divine intervention or not, it seems that Amos has made a full recovery – just like the NS and EW lines – for now. Yesterday, he posted on Facebook a love letter to a certain Claire – though, he doesn’t say who she is.

Claire, if you’re out there, please give our love to Amos. And tell him to stop causing more MRT breakdowns.


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