Tuesdays at Ipster Cafe: Cabinet inventory

Sep 15, 2015 10.58AM |

by Joshua Ip

MY FRIENDS, the time has come about –
My Cabinet needs clearing out.
My shelves are full, my drawers stacked,
I need to make space from the back
To fit the newer items in
I must throw old ones. Let’s begin.

A Cabinet needs protection, so
One cockroach trap on the inside, Teo!
One cockroach trap outside, Nng Henn,
My wallet tells you I’m Thar Man.
My business card holder is sLim,
My phone rings, “Yaa? Call me, brah, him.”
My pills are Gan, I ate today,
My passport is in order, K.
My address book, they Say, is Swee.
My ezlink card is – well, bo Lui.
I Heng my specs have low degrees.
I already Khaw-llected my house keys!

My water bottle is Vivacious,
My family pictures look Tanacious,
I struggle to recognize the rest –
She looks so Gracefu in that dress,
This label not so good, pan Chan,
I don’t know what that man Iswaran,
I Masa go, kifli one last look,
Oh! You can’t go Wong with a good book.

– Joshua Ip is a cheem poetry writer. His girlfriend says he should try to be less cheem, so liedat lor.


Featured image Filing cabinet by Flickr user mightymightymatzeCC BY-NC 2.0.

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