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Feb 28, 2016 11.03AM |

HERE’S what’s worth your clicks on social media this week:


Now, there’ve been numerous Donald Trump memes and jokes going around over the years. The most notable ones have been about his hair – remember the one where scientists discovered a bright yellow caterpillar that looked like Trump’s hair running away?

Well, his lips are the new focus. Someone has edited a photo of him by replacing his eyes with his lips. The result? He looks exactly the same. Presenting the man who could be America’s next President:

DonaldTrumpEyesPhoto by Twitter user @recordsandradio

We’re speechless.



Indian ad guys are giving the Thais a run for their money as masters of the “inspirational tearjerkers” genre.

This one, by Ariel India, P&G and BBDO Worldwide, shows how fathers and husbands can take small steps (like doing laundry) to share the load at home. They hope to help create more equal homes. The grouping won a Glass Lion at the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for some earlier work on the same campaign.

Wear your plants

The succulents craze is still going strong – this time, they’ve been made into jewellery.

Thankfully, they’re not tacky. Will you wear them?

gallery-1455815445-il-fullxfull868565632-1d4lPhoto from

gallery-1455815526-living-succulent-plant-jewelry-passionflower-susan-mcleary-1Photo from


Kitchen experiments

Singapore might be a cosmopolitan city where you can buy almost whatever you might want, but sometimes, we just want to make it ourselves.

Here’s how to DIY your own exotic food:

Brazilian Toasted Cassava Flour Farofa

Banh Mi Burger

Mochi Brownies


Compiled by Esther Au Yong 

Featured image L’espace internet du musée de la Communication (Berlin) by Flickr user Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. CC BY 2.0

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