Young and Prosecuted

Mar 04, 2016 02.53PM |

by Natassya Siregar

WHO could forget Han Hui Hui, the 24-year-old blogger who shot to fame for shooting down the Central Provident Fund (CPF) as a G conspiracy to hoard our hard-earned money. She’s back in the news, facing charges for disrupting a community event in a demonstration in 2014, and for organising a demonstration without approval. Read about her case, which went to trial last week here, and here.

Then, there’s Joshua Wong, a young activist facing his own trial in Hong Kong. The student leader has been accused of leading a protest in 2014 against a White Paper released the same year that said China has “comprehensive jurisdiction” over the former British colony. Along with three other activists, Wong was charged with police obstruction after he was seen burning copies of the White Paper during the protest.


Featured image by Natassya Diana

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