5 must-try salted egg yolk foods

Mar 06, 2016 01.00PM |

by Wan Ting Koh

THE latest food craze to hit Singapore was first seen in steamed Chinese buns or bao. Yes, the liu sha bao popularised the salted egg. Salted egg yolk is also used as the main component in zi char dishes such as salted egg yolk crab or pan-fried salted egg yolk tofu.

Now, the flavour is making its way into cafes as a dip and it is even incorporated into much-loved desserts like lava cakes where the chocolate filling is replaced with salted egg yolk “lava”.

Here are five interesting salted egg yolk-flavoured items to check out:

1. Salted egg yolk potato chips

Irvins’ salted egg yolk potato chips. Photo taken from Irvins’ Facebook page.

These are definitely not your ordinary potato chips. Imagine crisp fried potato chips coated with a hearty layer of salted egg yolk crumbs, spiced with curry leaves… The other ingredients in the coating include egg, milk powder and chilli.

Two online stores currently sell the snack. The first is Irvins, which also retail two other salted egg yolk-flavoured snacks: salted egg yolk fish skin and a salted egg yolk dip, which are $15 and $7.50 respectively. Their salted egg yolk chips are sold in a bottle for $15.

The other retailer is The Golden Duck which sells theirs in a resealable packet for $7 each.

2. Salted egg yolk croissants

Flavour Flings salted egg yolk croissant. Photo taken from Flavour Flings Facebook page.

This unique pastry went viral on social media when it was first sold at a cafe on January 23 this year. Reportedly snapped up within half an hour of its release in Flavour Flings cafe, the salted egg yolk croissants, which are going for $7.50 per piece, are simply fluffy croissants filled with flowing salted egg yolk “sauce”.

According to Flavour Flings cafe, they were the first to introduce the specialty into Singapore’s food scene. Other places soon came up with their own version, including Antoinette, Black and Ink, Kokomama Marketplace and Bridge.

3. Salted egg yolk cookies

Salted egg yolk cookies from Sinpopo. Photo taken from Sinpopo's Facebook page.
Salted egg yolk cookies from Sinpopo. Photo taken from Sinpopo’s Facebook page.

If you cannot get enough of those addictive, crispy-thin potato chips, pamper your tastebuds with these thick and crumbly alternative. The salted egg yolk cookies from Sinpopo cafe has curry leaves in them and are sold for $15 per jar.

4. Salted egg yolk ice cream

Salted egg yolk flavoured ice cream from Tom's Palette. Picture taken from Tom's Palette's website.
Salted egg yolk flavoured ice cream from Tom’s Palette. Picture taken from Tom’s Palette’s website.

There was a time when ice cream flavours stuck to a sweet palette or only consisted of three main flavours: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Now, more innovative ice cream flavours are entering the market and these include savoury flavours. Salted egg yolk ice cream can be found at Tom’s Palette, an ice cream cafe located at Shaw Towers which prices its ice cream at $3.60 for a small cup of two flavours.

5. Salted egg yolk cocktail

Operation Dagger's Salted egg yolk cocktail, The Egg, created by Operation Dagger. Photo taken from Theurbanwire.
Operation Dagger’s Salted egg yolk cocktail, The Egg, created by Operation Dagger. Photo taken from The UrbanWire.

Salted egg yolk… drink? The Egg is a salted egg yolk concoction which comprises a salted egg yolk cured for 24 hours in dark Venezuelan rum, sugar and vanilla. The inventor of the drink is Luke Whearty, the 31-year-old owner of Operation Dagger, a cocktail bar. He was inspired by liu sha bao and a duck egg yolk liqueur from Sweden. The drink is presented in a ceramic cup housed within a glass jar with burnt hay and smoked star anise. It costs $25 per serving.


Featured image taken from Irvins Facebook page.

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