And on the Net…

Mar 06, 2016 11.00AM |

Here are the places on the Internet that are worth your clicks this week:

Finally, Leo!

Yes, the man has finally won an Oscar! And that calls for… memes, of course.

Click here for a selection of notables ones, such as this:


Winning together

Here’s a lesson from the kids – don’t put people down, bring them up:


Hack your life

Hate to watch the ads on YouTube? Accidentally text the wrong person? Learning Petals community has put out the solutions to these issues – or, ahem, #firstworldproblems – and more. Here’s a preview:


You’re welcome!


Bracelet trick

Have trouble putting on bracelets? We’ve been there. Here’s the trick:




Hands-less pants?

Still in the spirit of helping you live life better, we’ll just put this here…:


Compiled by Esther Au Yong

Featured image Internet by Flickr user Ministerio TIC Colombia

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