Aneurysm caused stroke, HSK in ICU after brain surgery

May 13, 2016 08.30AM |

HERE’S what we know about his condition so far: The stroke was due to an aneurysm. It happened when a blood vessel in the brain burst, and doctors had to perform emergency surgery last night (May 12) to relieve pressure in the brain and stop the bleeding. They were successful in closing the aneurysm and as of 11.30pm last night, he remained under intensive care at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

What’s next? He’s expected to continue receiving treatment as Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam oversees his duties as Finance Minister. We’ll keep the updates coming.

Well wishes poured online when news of Mr Heng Swee Keat’s stroke broke in the evening after the Prime Minister’s Office issued a brief statement around 7pm. He had collapsed at around 5.30pm during the Cabinet’s weekly meeting at the Istana.

Messages on Facebook posted later by Cabinet ministers filled in what happened: After he collapsed, three ministers who were doctors immediately tended him and managed to resuscitate him. An ambulance then took him to the hospital where a CT scan showed he had a stroke. A Facebook post by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong describing him as a valuable member of the Cabinet has been shared close to 1,000 times.

The New Paper reported a neurologist, Dr Charles Siow, who said for someone to collapse from a stroke, it must have been a major one. Dr Siow did not attend to Mr Heng.

People who saw him earlier in the day say he looked fine – though, he had also been “very tired”, said Mr K Shanmugam, the Law and Home Affairs Minister in a Facebook post.

News of Mr Heng’s stroke dominated headlines this morning but there are other things you probably want to know: Such as the return of teen blogger Amos Yee, who was arrested on Wednesday after absconding overseas to avoid the police.

Police had been investigating him for remarks he made online last November about what former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng said about Islam (NOTE: Mr Cheng spoke about killing the children of terrorists, not about Islam. We apologise for the error). This is his second arrest; Yee was convicted last year for similar comments made about Christianity.

If you’re a security supervisor or arts instructor, time to go for some extra classes if you want to keep your job.

As many as 3,300 security supervisors could be demoted if they don’t attend a compulsory course within the next three months, warned the National Trades Union Congress yesterday. The compulsory module and at least two other recommended courses are part of the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications Framework.

To continue teaching for the next two years, arts instructors who conduct school workshops that are subsidised by the National Arts Council (NAC) have until the end of this year to complete the NAC-Arts Education Programme. The requirement was announced in 2013 and NAC will be adding more runs to the course to help instructors complete at least 40 hours of training in time. Arts instructors who do not finish the course will not be allowed to teach NAC-supported workshops until 2018.


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