The wheels of justice… you can’t stop it turning

May 21, 2016 08.34AM |

SO PARKWAY Parade is opened for business and so too, Goodwood Park Hotel’s bakery. It’s safe to go there now. The mall in Marine Parade was shut from Monday to Thursday because of a fire in one of its units on Sunday night had activated water sprinklers. So less damage by fire than by water. But no one was hurt at least.

As for the bakery, which had its licence suspended on April 22 because some patrons suffered food poisoning after eating its famed durian puffs, we wonder if those will still remain a draw after the stink that had been raised when two of its workers were found to have unclean practices. It isn’t clear exactly what they did but it’s likely that what they did NOT do is to to wash their hands after going to the you-know-where.

Maybe business will be back to normal for these two places but “normal” for Orchard Road retailers will make them cry. After a burst of media reports, including ours, TODAY published a feature on the plight of the shopping district. There is a proposal by City Developments to keep the upper part of Orchard Road – from Tanglin to Scotts roads “special”. Guess it is hoping that to keep the malaise contained further down the road.

Anyone who is active on social media will know that Sarawakian Kho Jabing has been hanged despite attempts to get the judges to stop the execution. What people might not know was how the five judges who heard the appeals by lawyers Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss and Alfred Dodwell slammed them for abusing the court process by advancing arguments that had been thrown out. It’s the fifth time Kho’s case has gone before the Court of Appeal. You can see TMG’s illustrators’ presentation of the case here.

Appeal Judge Chao Hick Tin said: “What the appellant seeks to do is to use the civil jurisdiction of the court to mount a collateral attack on a decision made by the court in the exercise of its criminal jurisdiction. Indeed, what the appellant has tried to do is even worse, for he has come to the court presenting arguments which are largely the same, if not identical, with the arguments he presented in his criminal motions. What the appellant has done today, if allowed, would throw the whole system of justice into disrepute.”

It seems that activists would do better to plan a longer-term strategy to get the laws changed rather than give false hope to those on death row by trying to halt the wheels of justice. Those wheels do grind on, despite starts and stops…

They are just like the MRT, which moves despite starts and stops… and which the SMRT and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) wants to make more rail reliable. Some $60 million is being poured into a new laboratory to come up with new technologies that can detect faults before they happen – and you have stuck commuters baying for blood. All this is well and good but you can’t help think it might be cheaper to get on a plane and see how others do it. Maybe it’s because the lab is also a good place to train engineers for the rail industry. Who’s paying for this? SMRT, NTU, and the National Research Foundation.

For those who are wondering why EgyptAir tragedy isn’t among the items here, it’s because we’ll be talking about it later in our weekly And in the Rest of the World…

Now it remains for us to wish all Buddhists Happy Vesak Day. We will be publishing an article on Buddhism soon, on the three dominant schools here. Watch out for it!




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