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Jun 11, 2016 11.45AM |

THE current healthcare system cannot be sustained, said Minister of State for Health Chee Hong Tat. Singapore cannot simply scale up the number of hospitals and healthcare workers, so there is a need to question why certain rules or procedures are the way they are in order to become more efficient. More data is also needed to progress, especially when it comes to billing.

At the same event, geriatrician Carol Tan of The Good Life Co-operative said that greater priority needs to be placed on prevention. She also highlighted that third party administrators are damaging the quality of care and making the system inefficient by charging doctors, mainly private specialists, fees for each patient they see. These organisations represent insurers and their corporate clients to help manage claims. Mr Chee said that he did not know enough about the practice yet but that the ministry would move to curb it if it was parasitic.

The G’s computer systems cannot be linked to the Internet, but this doesn’t mean there will be no Internet for the G. That’s what Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the lead man for Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, said in Washington DC. In fact, Dr Balakrishnan said that cyber security is an absolutely essential part of being a smart nation. This is because of a clear and present threat of espionage and criminal activity on the Internet and people need to realise this and protect themselves, even as individuals.

That means you, reader, on the Internet right now reading this article.

The ecosystem cannot support these 400 workers so we will retrench them, says RWS. It’s because of bad debts, say some analysts, while others point to the slowdown in tourism and the gambling industry, especially from high roller clients from China in the wake of a graft crackdown. But casino rival MBS is still hiring.

The lift system in block 299A Compassvale Street cannot make it, says a resident. The latest in a spate of five lift incidents in eight months, some of which have resulted in deaths and injuries, was about how the lift stopped between the third and fourth floors, dropped down to between the second and third floors, and then had a hard landing on the first floor. Mr Zainal Sapari, who is both Pasir-Ris Punggol MP and Town Council Chairman, said that the lift was tested but no fault was found. The Town Council is checking other lifts. Residents say that the lifts have been malfunctioning regularly over the last year.


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