SMACK IN THE MIDDLE: Protests make dog slaughter more popular

Jun 25, 2016 06.00PM |

by Sean Chong

PROTESTS against the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival are all bark and no bite, and in fact may have contributed to the success of this year’s edition. In spite of a petition with 11 million signatures and a pledge from the local government last week to take “immediate actions” to prevent the festival from happening again, the festival went on without much of a hitch – as a matter of fact, Yulin locals reported fully booked hotels and dog meat flying off the shelves as international protests help point dog meat fans to the festival. Meanwhile debate still continues about whether it is okay to eat dogs on principle, although the point has been made that the current slaughter methods are inhumane, potentially unsanitary, and that the dogs are from unregulated sources and may include stolen pets. Will the noisy protests have their intended effect, or should activists put a muzzle on it and try to find other ways to end the slaughter?


Featured image by Sean Chong.

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