Officers killed in Dallas police demo shooting

Jul 08, 2016 02.57PM |


At least two police officers were shot in Texas on Thursday during a protest against police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana, KDFW TV in Dallas reported.

The condition of the officers was not known, the station said.

Soon after, CNN reported that at least three Dallas transit officers had also been shot during the demonstration.

Some reports later put the number of police casualties at up to nine.

Broadcaster KABC reported that shots were fired during demonstrations at Belo Garden Park in Dallas.

Footage shows protesters walking and chanting and then suddenly turning and running back towards the cameraman.

The cameraman starts to run in the direction of where police sirens appear to be heading, then several loud booms are heard.

The reported shootings come amid protests across the U.S. over the killing by police officers of two black men in as many days in separate incidents.


Featured image and video by REUTERS.

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