Bank robbery suspect arrested

Jul 11, 2016 07.05PM |

by Glenn Ong

POLICE have confirmed today (July 11) that the suspect involved in the robbery of a Standard Chartered Bank branch in Holland Village has been caught in Bangkok, Thailand. The arrest was announced more than 72 hours after the robbery.


The suspect is believed to be from North America. He was arrested by the Royal Thai Police on Sunday, July 10.

Chinese paper Shin Min Daily reported that it is believed he targeted the branch specifically because he noticed that it was not guarded.

The suspect approached the branch at around 11.25am on Thursday (July 7), and slipped a note to a female teller with the words, “This is a robbery, I have a weapon, give me money, don’t call police”, according to Shin Min.

The teller handed $30,000 over to him fearing that he really had a weapon, but she also alerted the police afterwards.

Shin Min Daily reported that the robbery is believed to be premeditated and carefully planned, since he made his way out along a path with the fewest surveillance cameras.

The police said that they managed to identify the suspect on the day of the robbery, but he had already left Singapore by then.

Singapore does not have an extradition agreement with Thailand, but the suspect’s extradition can still be arranged through both foreign ministries. It will usually be granted, provided that the extradition will not strain or have any negative impact on bilateral relations – for example, if the suspect is a Thai, or if the case involves a possible death penalty.

In response to queries by Shin Min Daily, lawyer Amolat Singh said that even without extradition agreements, Singapore can still request for extradition through Interpol, or by working directly with the Thai police.

In its statement, the police said, “The Singapore authorities are currently engaging our counterparts in Thailand to see whether the suspect can be released into our custody”.


Featured image by Najeer Yusof.

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