SMACK IN THE MIDDLE: Gotta catch ’em all!

Jul 14, 2016 04.00PM |

by Natassya Diana

YOU think you’re catching cute furry creatures when in fact, you could be hunted by robbers. The popularity of the Pokemon Go mobile game has inspired four robbers to trap their victims using the app’s geolocation feature by luring them into isolated areas. The four robbers from the state of Missouri in the United States were caught by the police this week. They were aged 16 to 18.

Using “Augmented Reality”, the app places the creatures in real locations and encourages players to roam around outside in order to catch them. The game is now ranked among the most-downloaded and top-grossing smartphone apps in just a few days after its release, which boosted the market value of Nintendo Co. by around $12.1 billion


Featured image by Natassya Diana.

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