Which is more likely? Maid killers or killer maids?

Aug 05, 2016 02.00PM |

by Andrea Wang

WHEN the words “maid”, “kills”, and “employer” make the news, most people assume it’s the maid who’s done the killing.

Not in this most recent case, where employers of 24-year-old maid, Piang Ngaih Don, were charged for her murder last Thursday (July 28), after the Myanmar maid was found dead in a Bishan flat.

The suspects are mother and daughter, Prema S Naraynasamy and Gaiyathiri Murugayan. Court documents available to the media don’t reveal how she was killed, or the extent of her injuries.

If Ms Piang’s employers are found guilty of murder, they face life imprisonment or the death penalty.

We tried to find out if there had been similar cases in the past five years, but our search turned up nothing. Instead, we found that since 2014, there were at least five high-profile incidents of a maid charged with killing her employer, or a family member of her employer.

Just two months ago, in June, an Indonesian maid was charged with murder, after killing her employer Madam Seow Kim Choo and slashing her husband’s neck with a knife.

A month before that, a maid was charged with culpable homicide after a one-year-old child in her care was found unconscious with bruises.

In 2014, there was also the case of the brutal murder of socialite Nancy Gan, whose maid swung her head against a wall before pushing her unconscious body into a swimming pool. She was sentenced to 18 years in jail.

Then there was this maid. And, this maid. Both involved the killing of mothers-in-law.

Stories of maid deaths that we found usually were related to deaths by falling. They fell while cleaning windows, committed suicide, or merely slipped. In 2012, 10 maids fell to their deaths while cleaning windows.


Featured image from TMG file.

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