Viral Views: Singapore given the GO for Pokémon GO

Aug 06, 2016 10.17AM |

POKÉMON fans – the time you’ve been waiting for is here. Pokémon GO is FINALLY available to download on the App Store and Play Store from this morning (August 6). The official Pokémon GO Facebook page released the statement citing 15 countries have been added to the game’s server. In just one hour, the post has garnered over 14,000 likes and over 10,000 shares. As you embark on your Pokémon journey, remember to tread safely and don’t Pokémon and drive!


The Bukit Merah West Neighbourhood Police Centre also shared on Facebook some safety advice players should consider when trying to “catch em’ all”. They advise ‘Pokémon trainers’ to refrain from trespassing private property, inform someone when heading out to remote areas or go with someone else when possible, and be alert of your surroundings, especially when crossing the road.

Featured image from TMG file. 

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