More than 20,000 bid farewell to ex-president S R Nathan

Aug 26, 2016 08.30AM |

THOUSANDS and thousands – from school children to retirees, even the Japanese prime minister and Malaysian Johor prince – paid their last respects in person to Mr S R Nathan yesterday (Aug 25) at Parliament House.

Mr Nathan, the Republic’s sixth president, died on Monday (Aug 22) after suffering a stroke. He was 92.

By 10pm, the total tally of visitors was more than 20,000, reported MSM.

Today (Aug 26), the state funeral procession will start from Parliament House at 2pm, and end at the National University of Singapore’s University Cultural Centre (UCC). The funeral service there will be held from 3pm to 5pm.

As we say goodbye to a former president, we also say hello to the Republic’s first driverless taxi.

Sounds impressive but the taxi (yes, just one taxi) travels to only one of 12 locations within one-north for now. Oh, and it’s only open to an invited group of about 10 people.

The company nuTonomy, founded by two researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), hopes to make the service commercially available in 2018.

In Italy, the death toll continues to climb with now close to 250 confirmed dead from an earthquake that struck the country’s central region on Wednesday (Aug 24).

Both the President and Prime Minister have written their Italian counterparts to express their condolences.


Featured image from TMG file.

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