Tuesdays at Ipster Cafe: Rubberstamp requirements

Sep 20, 2016 11.00AM |

by Joshua Ip

THE rubberstamp cannot anyhow anyhow stamp.
The rubberstamp cannot ownself ownself stamp.
Even if rubberstamp suddenly dowan to rubberstamp
Got people tell him stamp then he must stamp. 

Just in case he stamp wrongly better mark a cross
point finger put the Post-Its so he can double
confirm chop stamp rubberstamp. Of course
The best rubberstamp stamps without causing any trouble.

The life of a rubberstamp is very very siong.
So every now and then must take out the list
Of things he must rubberstamp and tolong tolong
unstamp some stamps so he don’t sprain his wrist.

The rubberstamp must look like a rubberstamp.
The rubberstamp must have the proper brand.
The rubberstamp must appear as rubberstampy
And friendly as the nice KFC man.

The rubberstamp is part of the stationery.
You put him in the filing cabinet he must blend in.
The stationery comes in a set and is not solitary
ownself anyhow ask for homework then ownself hand in.

But everybody must say this is my rubberstamp.
It must be a good rubberstamp world best rubberstamp.
Got stamp many things before that kind of rubberstamp.
Not just watch other people stamp but must ownself stamp rubberstamp.

Not just stamp small one but must stamp bloody big rubberstamp.
How big is big every few years must compare than restamp the rubberstamp.
Until last time all the rubberstamp also not as big as next time rubberstamp.
If rubberstamp wrong colour every now and then also must change rubberstamp.


The life of a rubberstamp maker is very siong.
Anyhow make people also anyhow say wrong.
Actually rubberstamp so retro, so has-been.
Maybe we should just buy a brand new photocopy machine.


Joshua Ip is a cheem poetry writer. His girlfriend says he should try to be less cheem, so liedat lor.


Featured image by Sean Chong.

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