Prepare for disruption, or is it merely change?

Sep 26, 2016 09.09AM |

BOOM. Life around Tampines Street 23 was disrupted on Sunday morning when a concrete sunshade fell off Block 201E. One side of the 5m-long external structure on the fourth floor broke off at about 10am and dangled precariously on the sunshade of the floor below, sending down a small shower of debris.

The area was cordoned off and a crane came to remove the fallen sunshade. The Building and Construction Authority has directed Tampines Town Council to engage an engineer to investigate and rectify the incident and inspect all other buildings in the area that have the same sunshade.

Prepare for disruption, says DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam at a post-National Day Rally dialogue with around 100 youth in Bukit Batok. Future changes will mean that jobs that exist today will be displaced and new jobs will be created, like what is happening with taxis and Grab/Uber today, and Singaporeans, especially the youth, have to learn to adapt.

And this means that how we approach learning has to change too: more free play, “a sense of dare and ambition” and more diverse experiences will help foster the mindsets needed for a world fraught with disruptions.

A welcome change is the falling number of babies born out of wedlock. A downward trend from 1,152 in 2006 has brought the number to 863 this year (including births registered without a father’s name). The change is attributed to greater use of contraceptives. While more child benefits have been extended to single-parent families during the last year, unwed parents still do not enjoy the Baby Bonus cash gift and mother’s tax benefits.

Where’s the war on diabetes going? A six-month campaign that reaches out to the Malay community will start next month. Malays account for 24.4 per cent of diabetes cases, even as they form 13.5 per cent of the population. The programme, run by the People’s Association, includes health screenings, fitness programmes, healthy cooking workshops, interactive games and health talks.


Featured image from TMG file.

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