Feng was a “bad egg”, a “disgrace to nation”, says STTA Deputy President

Oct 28, 2016 08.46AM |

THE Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) has spoken. On why it axed Feng Tianwei. At least its deputy president has. On Facebook.

Mr David Sim has been busy replying to posters who have asked him about the shock sacking which, on the official record, was about how the paddler with three Olympic medals didn’t fit into its “rejuvenation plans”.

Perhaps, Mr Sim, chairman of Woodlands Citizens Consultative Committee and a property realtor, might not have realised that his posts were set to “public”. His responses make for interesting reading indeed.

He wrote that he thought Feng was a national disgrace because of her ill disciplined conduct, and that an athlete’s character and integrity was more important than the glory the athlete can bring to the country.

To a poster who thought the sacking could have been better handled and has become an international joke, he replied: “I don’t feel that way but since she has been ill-discipline, disrespect n misconduct as reported in the newspaper then it is a disgrace to the nation.”

He also implied that it was STTA which leaked the news of some of her misdemeanours to the media, such as the 200 eggs she charged STTA for.

“if this is not true then STTA will not reveal this news n FTW can sue STTA n why not ask her to do it if she is innocent.”

It wasn’t a question of whether STTA could afford the bill of a few hundred dollars but how unbelievable this was. “if this is not true then STTA will not reveal this news n FTW (Feng Tianwei) can sue STTA n why not ask her to do it if she is innocent.”

Mr Sim also said that discipline was a bigger factor in her sacking than grooming local talent: “If any local or foreign players have done serious misconduct then it is not only tarnish the image to STTA but the nation.”

He added: “STTA has done rightfully in order not to keep bad ‘eggs’.”

Well, well.

It’s odd that an STTA official would go on this roundabout route to slam an athlete, so we called Mr Sim to ask him about it.

His first response was that he was only depending on what the media had reported – and denied that he had described her as a national disgrace. Asked if the media reports were true about the eggs et al, he prevaricated and said “it should be”.

In any case, given that it was early in the morning and we seemed to have rumbled him out of bed, we suggested that Mr Sim re-read his posts and reply to our queries. He promptly took them down and his last words to us were: “I have no comment”.


Read more about what Mr Sim said about Feng on his Facebook page here:

What STTA’s Deputy President said about Feng Tianwei’s sacking


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