Feng breaks silence on STTA controversy. Here’s her letter – in English

Oct 29, 2016 08.53AM |

AFTER a week of accusations of her misconduct and speculation over whether they were the reason for her dismissal from the national squad, Feng Tianwei finally broke her silence on the matter last night (Oct 28). After issuing a statement to various media, she then posted it on her Facebook page.


The letter was written in Chinese, so we took a stab at translating it for you:

HELLO everyone. I’m so grateful for the concern that everyone has given me. I’ve let everyone worry, I’m very sorry about that.

What happened this week happened suddenly, I myself also needed some time to adjust. That’s why I’ve stayed silent these few days, and have not responded. Thank you all for waiting so patiently.

Ever since I began representing Singapore in table tennis in 2007, it has been almost 10 years. During this time, I’ve had some achievements. I became a world champion. I won a few Olympic medals, and standing on the world’s largest award podium, I have fulfilled a childhood dream of mine.

I’ve made it possible for the Singapore flag to fly high in the international sporting scene, and for Singapore’s national anthem to echo around the world.

I would not have been able to achieve all this without the help of the Singapore government, sports committee members, Olympic committee, the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA), and the strong support from all over.

Here, I wish to express my sincerest thanks to all of these people.

At the same time, I would also like to thank my fans and the people who have supported me. Thank you for being with me on this journey through tough times. You have filled me with motivation as I pressed on in my journey. Because of you, I have not felt lonely.

The Singapore government has given me opportunities. It has allowed me to become a citizen, and represent the country to compete internationally. To have a career in table tennis is something that I’ve fought for in my life. I will not give it up easily. I will continue to play, continue to represent Singapore, continue to fight on the international stage. I hope that I can help to develop Singapore’s table tennis scene and make it better. I hope that this will prove to everyone that the Singapore government’s support of local sports will have guaranteed returns!

Even though I am no longer on the national squad, I will still live in Singapore. I am still on a scholarship, and am still in discussions with various organisations on competing in the sport. STTA has also said it would continue to support me if I choose to compete internationally.

Therefore, I will continue to strive and not give up on myself. I want to continue to compete as a representative of Singapore.

I feel regretful that I was not able to bring back any medals from the recently concluded Olympic games. It was through this experience that I recognised that I still have a lot of room for improvement.

I plan to put together a team, hire different expert coaches, and return to the competition arena in a new way. Perhaps this will bring even more opportunities for me to grow as a player.

I want to train and compete harder. I want to improve myself by playing against and sharing experiences with the world’s greatest players.

I hope to have the opportunity to compete in fair and open competitions internationally, and wish that I will be able to compete in the 2020 Olympics. I want to bring back more Olympic medals for Singapore, to get the fourth Olympic medal of my sporting career.

These few days, there have been some newspapers that have untruthfully reported on my character and attacked me personally. This has created an extremely ugly situation. I am shocked that these rumours have surfaced.

During my contracted time with STTA, I have never cheated anyone of money, or acted in any way that was unlawful. I have already consulted a lawyer on these false claims, and hope there will not be any more of such untruthful reports.

Finally, I want to thank everyone and my friends in the media for their support and for respecting my privacy. I am a Singapore citizen. To be able to give my strength for the glory of Singapore is my honour. Please continue to support me!

I would like to contribute and continue to represent Singapore. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for your support.

Thank you everyone!

Feng Tianwei


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