He said what? Duterte, Brexit, and another billion-dollar buyout

Nov 04, 2016 08.34AM |

HE COULDN’T keep this promise to swear off swear words – but honestly, did anyone believe he would? Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s profanities against the United States have become his trademark now – and his latest remarks show he just can’t help himself. Here’s what he said, and other quote-worthy nuggets from this morning’s headlines:


“Son of a bitch, we have many home-made guns here. These American fools.”

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is shooting his mouth off again – this time, over the United States’ decision not to sell 26,000 rifles to the country because it was concerned over human rights violations. Less than a week ago, he said he had promised God he would spew expletives again.

Read more about what he said here.


“We wanted a partnership that could build on the legacy which we have built sachet by sachet.”

That’s Mr Darren Teo, executive director of Super Group, who has received a $1.45 billion buyout offer from Jacobs Douwe Egberts, a Dutch beverage giant. This is the biggest buyout offer this year, higher than the $1.8 billion bid from Temasek Holdings to take over SMRT. Super Group is one of Singapore’s best-known three-in-one coffee-mix makers.

Read more about deal here.


“The country voted to leave the European Union. And the government is determined to respect the result of the referendum.”

The British government under Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday pledged to uphold the Brexit result, after a shock ruling that said Article 50 could only be triggered by Parliament. Although the decision is not likely to overturn the referendum, it’s expected to delay Britain’s exit from the European Union.

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“If we go through this, we’ll live together. If we die, we die together.”

In court, prosecutors are still trying their case against former BSI banker Yeo Jiawei for his role in the 1MDB saga. Mr Samuel Goh Sze-Wei said yesterday that Yeo had urged him to lie to the authorities to explain certain fund flows between various shell companies that were linked to 1MDB.

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“As a man, who would allow his wife to have an affair with another man? Who would not be angry?”

But was he angry enough to commit murder? That was 56-year-old businessman Chia Kee Chen, who is on trial for murdering his wife’s former lover in 2013. Chia, who has a second wife in Indonesia, had confessed to attacking the victim but now claims he gave the statement under duress while in police custody.

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