And in the Rest of the World: On Trump

Nov 12, 2016 12.00PM |

THE world sucked in its collective breath on Tuesday – and choked.

But what splutterings there might have been in capitals round the world was papered over in smooth and conciliatory messages to President-elect Donald Trump. Except for Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was among the first to congratulate Mr Trump, and a Kremlin spokesman yesterday pointed out how “phenomenally close” both countries are in their conceptual approach to foreign policy. Other countries were more cautious, holding out tentative feelers to the man who had vowed to turn protectionist and renege on trade deals.

As politicians and pundits ponder a Trump presidency, Ambassador-at-large Tommy Koh has penned a column published in ST today in which he proffered advice to Mr Trump as an “old friend” of the United States. He neatly captured Singapore’s concerns over how the direction the United States will take towards international and regional institutions such as Asean and towards big powers such as China and Japan. You can read it here.

Here’s what world leaders said to him:





Compiled by Iffah Nadhirah Osman and Li Shan Teo. 

Featured image Earth by Flickr user Kevin GillCC BY-SA 2.0

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