Viral Views: PSLE does not decide your future

Nov 25, 2016 01.05PM |

AS BIG a deal as it is for students and their parents, the PSLE isn’t going to make or break your future. At least that’s the message of a viral facebook post by Mr Khairudin Aljunied. The post was shared over 350 times and garnered nearly 200 commenters in 12 hours.

Mr Aljunied, who scored 221 and is now an Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore, called on his facebook friends to share their PSLE results as well as how well they’re doing now. All in a bid to show the young that it’s not the end. That the PSLE score does not decide the future.



Responses were overwhelmingly positive. Most commenters agreed with Mr Aljunied and took up his call to share their own stories. Like Mr Gerald Chen, who scored below 200 but eventually graduated with a degree in communication design. He said: “PSLE is not the definite yardstick to what is your future pathway. Don’t let a roadblock stop you.”



Many others had similar stories to share.


Some pointed out that it’s important to remember it’s not the score that matters – it’s character and attitude that’s key.


PSLE screenshot 1


A small minority however, disagreed…


PSLE screenshot 2



Featured image by Flickr user d26b73 (CC BY 2.0)

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