Tuesdays at Cheongster Cafe: Queue Sera Sera

Dec 13, 2016 11.00AM |

by Felix Cheong


ALL her life she knew

Anything brand new

Was all but her cue

One of the first few


Five-day sale was due

Took time off in lieu

Packed bag and pork stew

Book by Lee Kuan Yew


Three days in the hew

No bath, sleep or chew

Smelled like last week’s brew

Face became grey hue


One day before phew

Line abruptly skewed

Tempers flared and grew

Fists and chairs just flew


Down came men in blue

Hard on whistles blew

Fighters stopped in queue

Found a girl was slewed


Out of mouth she spewed

Blood and some char siew

Dead as slaughtered ewe

Cold as morning dew


Up there, on schedule

Heaven in neat pews

Queued up like her due

One of the first few


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Featured image by Sean Chong.

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