Tougher transport laws for PMDs

Jan 11, 2017 08.30AM |

ELECTRIC bicycles will soon have to be registered to an owner, display license plates and riders will have to wear safety gear, buy insurance and face legislated fines and jail if they break any rules. This is all in addition to the laws regarding personal mobility devices (PMDs) and bicycle use, including speed limits, weight limits, and where they can be used, that are due to come into force later this year.

To match the harsher laws for PMDs, motorists found to have been modifying their vehicles may now face tougher penalties too in a Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill and punishments for reckless and dangerous driving have been upped. New laws that penalise vehicles left on the road in a dangerous manner are also being proposed, as well as a law against deliberately obstructing autonomous vehicles.

Parliament’s debate over transport issues also included a proposal to give the G the power to clamp down on private car services if drivers operate without proper insurance and licenses. If three or more such incidents happen in a month, authorities could have the power to block the service for up to a month.

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Grab has also made a new “law”. If you cancel too many of your Grab bookings, you’ll have to pay – $2. This applies for users who cancel more than 10 rides a week, because cancellations cause inconvenience to drivers and other users. Those who honour their bookings won’t be affected, of course, but those who believe that cancellations are part of the service, well, they will just have to pay for that service.

Uber already charges a fee of $2 to $10 if the cancellation is made five minutes after the booking, or if the rider is more than five minutes late.

Nearly half of Singaporeans don’t sleep enough on weekdays, a SingHealth survey conducted in 2015 found. Failing to get seven hours of sleep can affect the body’s immune system, memory, concentration and pose other long-term health problems.

The survey covered 350 people at two polyclinics and it was not clear how participants were selected. Singaporeans are often ranked poorly in international sleep surveys – earlier this year, TMG looked at 50 sleepy faces after one such report came out.

The SingHealth found that Malays and Indians were more likely to lack sleep than Chinese, and that certain habits were linked to a lack of sleep – studying, reading, surfing the Internet and playing computer games in the bedroom were related to sleep deprivation.

S-League clubs are in the spotlight again after the CPF Board sounded a warning to the clubs for failing to pay the reserve team CPF contributions for up to five years. One un-named club has made full restitution and claimed that it didn’t know that it had to pay CPF on allowances. Another club, also not named, said that “the rule has not been clear”.

Reserve team allowances for S-League clubs are typically up to $300 a month. And the S-League has been brought to task before on age-discriminatory employment practices and also for hiring players on 11-month contracts to avoid paying bonuses and other benefits.

Like that how to qualify for the World Cup, even though FIFA has expanded it from 32 to 48 teams?

Olympic swimmer Quah Zheng Wen is going to the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) to train and study. The UCB swim team, the Cal Bears, is led by coach David Durden, who has led the team to three NCAA wins in nine years.

Quah has his sights set on Tokyo 2020, after reaching the semi-finals in the 100m and 200m butterfly in Rio. His performance earned him a deferment from National Service to train for the next Olympics.

If his application for clearance to compete in the NCAA comes through, Quah will be competing against Joseph Schooling, who represents the University of Texas at Austin in the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships. Quah leaves for the US on Jan 12.


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