Is the Terrex incident over?

Jan 31, 2017 08.42AM |

THE Terrexes are back! All nine vehicles arrived in Singapore at 2:40pm on Monday after APL shipped them directly back to Singapore. It’s a tad late for a Lunar New Year reunion, but better late than never. The infantry carriers were moved to a military camp for administration and checks.

That seems to bring the two-month long Terrex incident to a close for now, although the threat of criminal prosecution still exists for shipper APL.

Changi Airport has also been a bright spot in a tough year – the airport clocked a new record of 58.7 million passengers in 2016, 5.9 per cent higher than in 2015. Chinese visitors accounted for the bulk of the growth.

US President Donald Trump isn’t wasting time between executive orders. While chaos still rules at airports after last week’s immigration ban, he’s got another executive order – this one about putting caps on federal regulations with the aim of reducing the cost of compliance to businesses.

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In a bid to streamline regulations, Mr Trump has ruled that for every new regulation introduced by agencies, two old ones must be cut. A cap has also been placed on the cost of any new regulation: $0 for fiscal year 2017. Is that a recipe for more chaos, or a more efficient system?

In another case of policy getting derailed, The Philippines police’s war on drugs is on hold to pursue a war on dirty cops. The high-profile murder-kidnapping of South Korean Jee Ick Joo by corrupt narcotics officers was a chilling counterpoint to President Duterte’s support of “extrajudicial killings”.

Mr Duterte ordered all national- and precinct-level anti-narcotics groups to be disbanded, and said that 40 per cent of the force could be corrupt. Mr Duterte said, however, that his war on drugs will continue until his term ends in 2022, instead of the extended nine-month deadline he had previously asked for.

But what are the chances that a bunch of uniformed criminals will be able to curb a bunch of non-uniformed ones?


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