SMACK IN THE MIDDLE: What do aides do when Trump meets Duterte?

May 28, 2017 04.00PM |

Oh, to be an aide in the room if US President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte meet. The two men are notorious of making controversial statements – from Mr Trump called the Germans “bad, very bad” during a meeting with EU leaders in Brussels, to Mr Duterte warning that China “threaten a war” if Philippines explores oil in the South China Sea. Then there’s the pussy grabbing, rape jokes, intelligence leaks, and calls for bloody solutions to crime, do their staffers get extra pay for every mess they have to clean up?

As a storm over words seems to follow the two leaders, there is no doubt that aides will have a lot to follow-up on if such a meeting takes place – clarifications, retractions, and rallying cries against “fake news”. Mr Trump extended an invitation to Mr Duterte to visit him in Washington at the end of April – will it materialise?

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Featured image by Sean Chong.

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