June 25, 2017

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The Tiong Bahru FC clubhouse in People's Park Complex

THE police raided the clubhouses of Tiong Bahru Football Club, Hougang United Football Club and Woodlands Wellington Football Club at about 4pm today (Apr 20).

Soon after, investigators were seen entering the premises of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS). FAS general secretary Winston Lee was seen accompanying the investigators into a room. Boxes of documents were seen being moved into a room at the FAS office.

Media crowd the doors at FAS during police investigations.

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It is not yet clear if the raids are linked to SportSG’s statement yesterday (Apr 19) that it had filed a police report against Tiong Bahru about misused funds and an allegation that a Tiong Bahru official had lied to another club to try and delay or obstruct the completion of audits until after the landmark FAS elections due on Apr 29.

FAS presidential candidate Bill Ng, is the chairman of Tiong Bahru and Hougang United. Mr Ng revealed this week that he had made a controversial $500,000 donation to the Asean Football Federation from Tiong Bahru’s coffers by way of the FAS.

The Straits Times reported today (Apr 20) that Tiong Bahru had earned $37 million in revenue from its jackpot operations.

Police carry boxes of documents and CPUs to a back room at Tiong Bahru FC.

Woodlands Wellington has also been linked to Mr Ng. He had made an unsuccessful bid to take control of the ailing club in 2011 which faced opposition from fans. Mr Ng is running against Mr Lim Kia Tong to lead the FAS. It is unclear if the raids and ongoing police investigation will affect Mr Ng’s candidacy.

Plainclothes officers were seen moving several boxes of documents and several CPUs into a back room at the Tiong Bahru Clubhouse in Chinatown, and similar scenes are also unfolding at the other two clubs.

There have been no reports yet of any arrests.


Featured image by Erin Chua

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THE LAND Transport Authority (LTA), which keeps road users in check, might need to look into keeping enforcement personnel in line – especially after this incident:



Roads.sg is an interactive Facebook page where users may post updates, incidents, feedback, etc., encouraging awareness to our roads. At around 5.20pm, the page uploaded Mr Zachary Lee’s witness report and a supporting video of an incident that took place in Tiong Bahru at 11.10am this morning (Aug 30).

The offensive man – who was wearing a white long-sleeved top and black pants, and looked and acted like a LTA parking enforcement officer – must have thought it was his grandfather’s road as he parked his motorcycle in the middle of the single-lane road. This inconvenienced other road users. According to the witness’ post, the personnel said he had the “total right” to do so, so he could carry out his duties.

When nearby stall vendors reasoned with him to move his vehicle to the side, he allegedly made threatening remarks such as: “You want to complain, then you go and complain lah… I will come every day and fine your customers’ vehicle that park here.”

As of 8pm, the post has garnered over 10,000 views, 258 shares, and close to 100 comments.

In the comments section, Facebook users are slamming LTA for the man’s behaviour, urging the authority to investigate the matter seriously and to take action. One user said: “#LTA, your outsourced enforcement officers are just a bunch of uncouth bullies who abuse their authorities and often spout vulgarities too… Isn’t it time to start doing something about it?” Another user tagged LTA’s Facebook and said “What kind of message is this clown trying to make? He is high authority and can do what he likes… I think this is an abuse of power…”

Responding to queries from TMG, the LTA said the traffic warden shown in the video is not an officer managed by the authority.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has also come out on Facebook to say that the man is a “staff of our appointed car park operator”.

So what do you think? Is this an abuse of power or are netizens being too harsh and the poor man was just really trying to do his job?


NOTE: The article has been edited to include LTA and HDB’s responses.

Featured image from TMG file.

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