Thomson Three condo and its excellent location makes it a rare gem in the resale market

Thomson Three, due to its unique location and identity, is beautiful for those looking for the necessities of life at their doorsteps. It is located in the heart of the Thomson area of Singapore. This blog will explain the road accessibility from the city toward the tower and the amenities available in the neighbourhood. In other words, I will explain the best routes available to reach this spectacular site.

Location of Thomson Three condo. Photo from

Mass Rapid Transit & Road Connectivity

Singapore has one of the best mass rapid transit lines systems in the world. Thomson three is connected by three central mass rapid transit lines of Singapore like Upper Thomson MRT, Marymount MRT, and Bishan MRT. The Upper Thomson MRT is on the Thomson East Coast Line (Brown). If you are living anywhere along this line, you can use this mass rapid system to quickly reach Bright Hill Drive.

Thomson East Coast line stations. Photo from

There are a total of 32 stations along the Thomson East Coast Line, starting from Woodlands North to Sungei Bedok. Currently, 9 out of the 32 stations are opened to public, providing residents a quick link between Woodlands and Upper Thomson. Upper Thomson Station is the eighth point linked with this line system. If you are living in Woodlands North or anywhere close to that area, get your car and drive via this road. It will take 10 to 15 minutes to get there.

The Marymount MRT station, located on the circle line, connects these marvellous towers to the rest of Singapore. People who are living along Bishan MRT, commonly called North-South Line, can utilize this line system.

If you don’t want to travel via MRT, the bus is the second-best option for you. You can easily access the location by taking buses traveling on routes 52, 132, 162, 163, 165, 166, 167, 410W, 855, and 980.

Amenities in the Neighbourhood

Let’s discuss the amenities around Thomson Three because it directly affects the life of the people. The first thing that is important to the parents about the children is their education. Most of you don’t want to shift your residence because the schools in your neighbourhood provide the best education available in the city. It doesn’t matter you are comfortable in your house or not, but you are sacrificing for the better future of your child.

You don’t have to worry anymore about your child’s education because, in the vicinity of these towers, international standard schools with all the modern facilities are present. These schools include Bishan Park secondary school, AI tong school, Schoolhouse@CABSY, Childcare centre, Peirce Secondary School, and Sunny Bunny Montessori Infant, etc.

The presence of the Childcare centre and Sunny Bunny Montessori Infant have solved the problem of the working women. Apart from schools, it is very close to restaurants like Shanfu Food Center, Sembawang Hill Food, and Thomson Longhouse. These towers are of great attraction because of the presence of parks linked with reservoirs like Bishan and MacRitchie reservoirs. If you are health conscious, it will serve as a place where you feel close to nature.

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